Well Visits



It is recommended that your child be seen regularly to address growth, evaluate development,and recieve immunizations according to the schedule below. We recommend that you call at least one week in advance so you may choose a date that best fits your needs.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Copy of current immunization record
  • List of all current medications
  • Physical/daycare forms that need to be completed during the visit
  • Current insurance information

Please remember that we may ask acute care issues to be addressed in a separate appointment. This is to ensure there is ample time to address anticipatory guidance issues, complete an in-depth exam, and update immunizations. This list is simply an outline, please ask your provider or call the office if you have questions and we will be happy to discuss specifics!

  • Newborn (daily provider visits while in nursery)
  • 2-4 days after nursery discharge (check for jaundice and for weight loss)
  • 1-2 wks (well child visit)
  • 1 month (well child visit)
  • 2 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 4 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 6 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 9 months (well child visit, immunization catch up)
  • 12 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 15 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 18 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 24 months (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 2.5 years (well child visit, immunization catch up)
  • 3 years (well child visit, immunization catch up)
  • 4 years (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 5- 10 years (well child visit, immunization catch up)
  • 11 years (well child visit, immunizations)
  • 12-18 years (well child visit, immunization catch up)
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